Workshops & Gift Vouchers

Some workshops are offered over two or three days to explore a number of topics.  However if you just want to come on one or two of those days it may be possible – contact me for more information.

A ‘creative day’ can make a lovely present for a friend or family member.  Gift vouchers are available for any amount from £10-00.  Please phone or email for details.  No previous knowledge or experience is required for the workshops.

Comments about the workshops

‘I just wanted to say a big thank you… I feel like I’ve learned so much’ – Sam.

‘Thank you very much for the lovely day, I hope to put my new skills to use a.s.a.p.’ – Liz


Natural Dyes

Full day sweet cicely pan

Discover the gorgeous and varied colours available from dye plants through the seasons including woad and ancient favourites such as weld, madder and indigo, using them on local or rare breed fleece.  We will use up to a dozen different dyeplants on this course and look at how to further modify the colours achieved.  Although natural dyes can be used all year round this course usually runs from June to mid – September so that we can enjoy using fresh material and the plants can be identified and seen in the garden.  I will provide natural fleece however you are welcome to bring small amounts of your own special yarn or fabric if you wish to try it as well.  Please just let me know before the workshop, I will send you information on how to prepare it first.  Find out about solar dyeing.  Learn how to prepare and mordant a range of fibres and grow your own dyes – how to create a dye garden with easy plants.  Aftercare of dyed wool.  Take home all your bright and colourful dyed fibres.

This workshop can be booked on its own, alternatively it combines well with Eco Printing and Shibori to give you an overview of natural colour and mark making on cloth and fibres.  Please see below.

Peg Loom and Brinkley Loom Weaving

Full dayIMG_0760

Workshops are available teaching how to weave on these  different looms, so you can spend a full day on either one.  You can book a single day to discover how to use the loom of your choice or book a two day workshop to learn about both.  Depending on your choice, you will be able to create a beautiful mat, cushion cover, wall hanging or maybe a small bag or table runner.  Lots of colours and textures to explore from different kinds of wool including some from local and rare breeds as available.  All in beautiful natural shades or dyed with plants.  Here you can see Domino closely guarding a couple of peg looms, if you’re unfamiliar with a Brinkley loom you can have a peek at one on the ‘Items for Sale’ page.  Don’t worry if you’ve never done weaving before, they are both very user-friendly and suitable for beginners.

Indigo & Shibori

Full day

Special celebration offer available on this workshop, see Options & Prices page.

This workshop is suitable for beginners and is designed to explore the pleasure of slow textiles, using simple stitching and folding of fabric to create your own designs and patterns before dipping into magical indigo for beautiful results.  You will get to take home several Shibori dyed items including a ready made cushion cover and bag plus a scarf length and more pieces of fabulous fabric to keep as samples, stitch at home or use in a project.  Everything is provided, however if you wish you are welcome to bring small items such as a t-shirt or small bag of your own to upcycle, just let me know before you come.  Items need to be 100% natural fibres.


Eco Printing, Natural Dyes & Shibori

Full day/combinations IMG_5718

Eco printing is a method of direct contact natural printing with leaves and flowers, using the essence of the plant itself.  No inks or paints are used.  Find out how to create eco prints on fabrics and papers using garden plants and found botanicals.  Explore some natural dyes along the way, experiment with indigo and Shibori techniques such as folding, stitching & clamping to create beautiful prints and colours.

You will be able to take home your own unique eco printed textiles including a silk scarf and strong cotton bag plus all your other work.  Use the techniques you’ve learned at home or just come and enjoy the workshop exploring something new.

This workshop runs over two or three days in summer and autumn, either on its own to give you a good understanding of ecoprinting with time to explore, or combined with Natural Dyes or Shibori to give you an overview of natural colour and mark making on cloth, paper and fibres which you will be able to continue at home if you wish.  Ecoprinting needs two days, natural dyes and Shibori are more flexible.  See Upcoming Events on the right hand side for dates to suit your preference or get in touch if nothing is listed yet.


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